Niels W. Erickson has been, at one time or another, a freelance
cartoonist; commercial artist; feature writer; game designer/editor; TV
writer and on-air personality; an irregular anthologist (seven books and
counting); and sundry other occupations yet to qualify as “a living”. Still
trying to figure out what he wants to be when he grows up, he’s now
happily engaged as both writer and artist for ObieCo’s SHEZOW comic
book, based on the animated character and series created by Obie Scott

Niels is also the party responsible for foisting Margali Morwentari,
“Thriller Theatre” host and purveyor of stand-up horror, on an
unsuspecting world
Margali online
Meet the folks behind the SheZowWorld website:
Niels Erickson
Frank E. Fan
Frank E. Fan likes SheZow.  And hats.  
And tacos.  Tacos are cool.

Martin Lewis
Sometime singer, audio engineer,
baker, cosplayer, proud dad, jack of
all trades, master of none.

Cakes, songs & other nonsense