SheZow is loaded with colorful and interesting
characters.  This list does not attempt to include every
single individual residing in Megadale (at least not yet),
but instead offers an overview of the major and some
minor players in the SheZow universe.
Guy Eli Hamdon is just your typical
middle-school kid. Guy loves all
things extreme and doesn't let
himself be bound by rules.  He's an
average student that craves a
spotlight that he rarely receives,
thanks to his over-achieving twin
sister.  This all changes when he
puts on the power ring.
SheZow is a superhero that protects
the city of Megadale from all sorts of
villains.  The mantle of SheZow has
been passed down from Great Aunt to
Grandniece since the stone age, until
the ring chose Guy.  SheZow has a
wide array of powers and an
assortment of gadgets that assist her
in fighting crime.
Kelly Hamdon is Guy's type A
twin sister.  Kelly speaks
multiple languages and gets
perfect marks in school.  As
SheZow's biggest fan, she is
perfect to be the hero's
Facilitator; a job that requires a
cool head and a deep
knowledge of all things SheZow
Maz Kepler is Guy's best bud and
sidekick.  Maz always
has Guy's back and possesses
an understanding of his friend
that no other in this world can
claim.  His bravery, creativity,
loyalty and at times,his spit make
Maz a valuable part of the
SheZow team.
The Sheilagraphic Supertronic
9000 or
Sheila is the
She-Lair's super computer that
is in constant contact with
Guy.   Whether she is
dispatching the Shehickle or
explaining how to vanquish a
foe, Sheila is SheZow's
she-cret weapon.
Agnes Munroe was Guy Hamdon's
Greart Aunt on his mother's side of
the family.  Agnes was also SheZow
and she unfortunately passed away
before she could educate her
successor.  Agnes was pleased that
Guy had become SheZow, because
of his ability to "think like a villain".
Droosha Hamdon is Guy & Kelly's
mother.  She is a complex character
that can be described as a free spirit
and a fierce protector.  Droosha is as
at-home drumming in a drum circle
as she is shopping in a home
improvement store in preparation to
repair or rebuild something around
the house.
Boxter Hamdon is Guy & Kelly's father.  
He is a proud law enforcement officer
and feels no love where Megadale's
resident hero is concerned.  To say
that Boxter is not SheZow's biggest fan
would be a  major understatement.  He
views SheZow as a menace to the
people & property of Megadale that is
only interested in the spotlight.
SheZap is a villain that
was created when a
discarded fingernail of
SheZow's was tossed
into a vat of toxic waste.  
The result is the
embodiment of Guy's
dark side; a being bent
on mischief.  SheZap
has powers & weapons
different from SheZow.
Her-Cules was the
alter ego that Kelly
created after Guy
had tricked her into
believing that she
had emerging
super powers.  
Kelly was assisted
by Maz's Re-dicules.
SheZow Noir was the
black-clad version of the
hero's costume created in
an attempt  to make
Megadale's hero graphic
novel worthy.  Guy achieved
the darker, grittier tone, but
was nearly defeated
because he failed to realize
that SheZow's power
comes from the color pink.
Gal is the alternate
universe version of
Guy.  She magically
transforms into
DudePow, a
superhero that has a
secret connection to
SheZow.  Just like
Guy, Gal has a
sibling & BFF to help.
DudePow is the
parallel universe
version of SheZow.  
Just like SheZow,
DudePow's powers are
a result of putting on a
power ring.  Unlike our
hero, DudePow's
weakness come from
exposure to
Mazy is the alternate
universe version of Maz.  
Just like Maz is Guy's
best friend, Mazy is Gal's
BFF.  She varies from her
parallel counterpart in
one big way.  Where Maz
will rush into danger
without giving it a second
thought , Mazy is far more
Kelly is Gal's twin brother
and DudePow's Facilitator
in the alternate universe.  
It is his job to work with
Dudley in keeping
DudePow and Mazy as
safe as possible when
fighting evil.
Just as Sheila assists Shezow
in Guy's universe,
Dudley is the
super computer that DudePow
relies on in Gal's universe.  
With DudePow's Facilitator,
Kelly, Dudley is able to keep the
hero one step ahead of the
villains that populate their city.
The Pushy Pirate
are a group of
rhyming robbers that
travel in a pirate
shipping.  They are the
first villains that Guy's
SheZow faces.
The Little Moochers
first appear as a trio of
bank robbers and later
become a duo
attempting to start a
war that they hope to
profit from.
Mega Monkey is
a brilliant villain
that travels back
in time in an
attempt to
Timothy Ice-aiah
Burrstein or

is a frozen
foe madeof living ice.
Coldfinger is
determined to freeze
all of Megadale.
Mocktopus is an
amalgam of sea life
that is just as
dangerous on land
as he is in the sea.  
Mocktopus is a
clever foe with
Mommy issues.
Dr. Frankenweather
had been a terrible
meteorologist that
grew tired of never
being able to predict
the weather, so he
created a way to control
Candy Rapper is a
living confection
that has turned to a
life of crime.  It
might be said that
his once sweet
disposition has
become bitter.
The Great Sarcazmo
is a reality TV star
with a very specific
magical ability.  He is
able to use magic to
do amazing things,
but only in backyards.
Tara was once a hero
and ally to Agnes
Munroe's SheZow.  
Tara became so
jealous of SheZow's
popularity that her
obsession drove her
to a life of crime.
Baby Scarington is a
foe that dwells in and
has control over the
dream world.  She
could be considered
one of SheZow's most
dangerous enemies
since the hero's
powers have no effect.
Major Attitude is big
man with an imposing
physical presence.  
Unfortunately his voice
does not match his
body and has caused
him much disrespect.  
The lack of respect
fuels his rage.
Tattoozalah is a
villain that has the
ability to brings his
own tattoos to life.  
Do not let his age
lull you into a false
sense of security,
he is a worthy
Senior Yo-Yo is a
masked man with
incredible skill in
using his yo-yos as
weapons.  In his evil
hands, a child's toy
becomes very, very
Le Pigeon is a
giant mutant
pigeon that has
control over
birds.  His strong
paternal instincts
have proven to be
a weakness.
Fibberachee is a
pop star that is
obsessed with
popularity.  He has
an ability to control
the minds of anyone
that can hear the
sound of his voice.
Big Chow Slim is
an underworld
crime lord that
has ninja warriors
doing his
bidding.  He
attempts to steal
a very important
item from Guy.
Browhaha is a
villain that wishes
to create chaos.   
Aunt Agnes had
trapped in a
vacuum cleaner,
but was
freed after Guy
sold the vacuum.
Manny Ken is a
giant sentient
mannequin that is
driven by his own
intense vanity.  He
gleefully uses his
own body parts as
Spit Bubble
possess a very
unique ability; he
can blow bubbles
with his steel-like
saliva.  He will also
use these creations
to encase his
Mr. Cylinder is a top
notch mechanic.  
Unfortunately he is also
a recovering car thief
that finds the Sheickle
far too tempting a target
to pass up.
Periwinkle Rafael
Ninnymuggins is the
nephew of the
Tooth Fairy & is in
training to take over
the position.  He is
far more interested
in money & power.
becomes the
Sabertooth Fair by
using the power he
obtains after he
collects a SheZow
tooth from under
Guy's pillow.
Aristotle Eftahew III
is your typical filthy
rich super villain.  He
has a flying limo, an
array of dangerous
gadgets & a large
collection of
endangered animals.
Null & Void are
spooky, telekinetic
siblings that
come from the
far off, exotic land
of Canada.
The nameless TV
is quite
possibly the most
evil of all of
SheZow's foes. She
cancels a much
loved show in spite
of high ratings.
Count Puss n
is a villain
from a video game
that becomes real
when Guy tosses
his game console
into the sun.
Uma Thermal
Hero with
pyrotechnic powers
Captain XL
Hero with sizeable
girth & strength
Buff Buddy
Hero with extending,
super strong
armpit hair
Geek Sheik
Hero with control
over technology
Glint Eastwood
Hero with the ability
to mesmerize
P.O. Wackerman
partner to Boxter