Cosplay was once relegated to Anime or Comic Book Conventions and
other outposts of geek culture.  Now it can be seen on hit network
television shows in prime time, as well as in mainstream magazines,
blogs and other media.   Cosplay allows anyone to celebrate their love
of a character.  Why should SheZow be any different.

Here you can see my costume and the process to make it and cosplay
from our new friend, Samantha.  If you have cosplayed as any of the
SheZow characters, drop us a line.
Character guide
Video Shorts
Here is my version of a middle-aged SheZow.  If you
want to see more pics of the process
click here.
Below is Samantha's costume which was made by Auprier.
There is a nice shot of the Beautility belt that Sam fabricated.
Samantha is an incredibly creative artist and you can
view some of her work on her Deviant
ART page here.
She-Weet Shoppe
Fan Art
About Us
Granting Wishes
Sheroism Awareness
Below you see a SheZow hair clip
and Power Ring created by Dragony.