Here are more pics detailing the process of creating my SheZow
costume.  It was a blast wearing the costume at conventions, especially
with the first version off the boots.  I am 6' tall and the stock boots had a
3" heel, I added another 2", so I had a chance to glide around Portland's
Wizard World as a 6'5" 225lb SheZow!
Here are the fabrics I used. Was
unable to find Lynil.
Animal print sweatshirt I found
on Ebay.
Stock pink (rose) vynil opera glove.
Stock white GoGo boot
Very simple skirt with elastic waist.
Cardboard template for the
Beautility Belt
Fabric covered pieces for belt
Platforms cut from a 2x4
for the boots
Finished boots which were replaced
with more SheZow-like boots
Finished gloves. I know I have one
extra talon. It was a judgement call, 2
would have been too large.
Completed Beautility Belt
Clay bits I used for the resin
molds for the Power Ring
The resin results
Rings after paint
Finished ring on the gloved hand
Top section
Laser lipstick (I sewed a
sheath from the cape
material & wore it behind
me, it was unseen, until I
whipped it out!).
Completed choker
Getting glamouress
Warpaint begins
Heading to Portland's
Wizard World 2014
On stage at Emerald City Comic Con
2014 in front of 4,000 (I hated that wig).
The boots I bought that were
more SheZow-esque.
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