The Many Faces of Maz
It may seem hard to believe, but SheZow never had a
sidekick until Guy put on the power ring!  From that moment
forward, Shezow would have many sidekicks, all a result of
the fertile imagination of Guy's best bro, Maz Kepler
Meaty-ore-man (Coldfinger)
The Grip
Dan O'Flage (Making Bank)
Shaverine (Super Sidekick)
The Man-a-curist (SheZap)
Bedhead (SheZap)
Major Fluoride
(Dental Breakdown)
Time Travel Boy (Family Tree)
Holmes (Crash Thunder)
The Pris-o-nerd
(Meet Dr. Frankenweather)
Corduroy Boy
(Black is the New Pink)
Splatter Lad
(Black is the New Pink)
Mighty Mop (Sick Day)
Nick of Time
(SheZow meets DudePow)
(A Walk in My Heels)
The Utensil
Grease Monkey
(Shehickle Pickle)
Bizara Capybara
Super Flight Attendant
(She Pal)
(No Tattoo for You)
Chick Pea
(Le Pigeon)
Kid Lizard
(Maz Jr.)
(PSA Lister)
(SheZow for a Day)
The Maztermind
(No Girls Allowed)
Captain Debacle
(SheZap is Whack)
The Lawn Ranger
(Lawn Gone Mad)
Helium Head
(Evil Villains Day)
(Vampire Cats in Zombietown)
Freezer Pop n Lock
(Snow Way Dude)
Super Duper Sticker Dude
(Null and Void)
Lost & Found Boy
(Supernatural History)
(DudePow Returns)
Food Court Jester